How does it work?

  • You get Daily Xhosa lessons delivered to you via Whatsapp
  • including * Audio * Text * Downloads * Video *
  • a Facebook  / Whatsapp* support group for asking questions and tutor support
  • Summary Sheets for download
  • skip a day and the content remains for you to view and engage at your leisure!
  • This is the perfect way to keep on track every day!

How long will it take?

  • You will complete our Level 1 Materials in roughly 3-4 months

Can I go faster?

  • Yes sure, you can buy our download materials and go at your own pace, or join the Zuma package and our download materials are included

How many levels can I do?

  • Our next levels are available as downloads and online courses, but we will be adding a whatsapp course for the next levels too!

Why should I do this on whatsapp?

  • The best platforms for learning are no doubt our live and online course structures, and many love the freedom and simplicity of the download materials, but let's face it, we spend too much time (and every day) on Whatsapp, so this course gives you a lower cost option to start learning and being reminded every single day of the mission - to learn Xhosa.  Step by step, together, we will get somewhere worthwhile.  Let this be course carry you forward!  



*** Launch Specials ***

***  Limited Numbers ***

The Zille



  • Content via Whatsapp
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Fun
  • You will talk Xhosa!

The Zuma



  • The Zille features PLUS
  • Whatsapp Support Group
  • Material Download links
  • Quicker progress

When does it Start?

Course start date will be announced when the first 150 students have applied!    Goal:  15 January 2021

((( So please spread the word! )))


What Next?

  1. Sign up to qualify for the launch price
  2. This offer is limited to the first 150 Signups!
  3. Please Fill in the Form we send, which includes Whatsapp instructions!

Whatsapp Xhosa Application Form

Double Opt-in requires email confirmation

Other options with UBuntu Bridge

For quicker progress, more traditional course content layout and training, sign up for our online courses (from R1450), or buy the digital download packs (from R550).

Supported Online Courses

Sign up for our supported online courses here and get our full service offering, guaranteed to get you speaking, or your money back!

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Self-Study Downloads

Download the full course as PDF with interactive audio files in mp3 format for you to learn, listen and thetha whenever and wherever you want.

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Join us in the Villages!

Come do yoga and learn Xhosa in the beautiful rural Xhosa communities.  We are creating a language learning network of community empowerment.

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