QAPHELA / ATTENTION: Last Semester Registration Closes 5th October 2020
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Learn Xhosa Online

UBuntu Bridge gets you speaking isiXhosa, having fun, overcoming obstacles and becoming more connected to the world of AmaXhosa!


"I just want to say thank you for a wonderful experience on this course! I have loved it!"

Nicky D, South Africa
Level 1 Student, May 2020

"Enkosi for creating this online course (Level 1), ndithanda ukufunda isiXhosa! The self study+ zoom call format is helpful and I'm glad we have a Whatsapp support group because it makes the online learning feel more like a community. And Deon - thank you for teaching us in the zoom sessions, you are so patient and friendly with us. Ndiyabulela!"

Sophie B, USA
Level 1 Student, May 2020

"I have really been enjoying Level 1! This is the first online course I have signed up for and I think it is really excellent. The weekly Zoom conversations hold me accountable to make sure I have gone through all the material, and I really feel like I am making practical progress. Deon is a legend."

Samantha B, South Africa
Level 1 Student, June 2020

"Hey I just wanted to say enkosi kakhulu for tonight's lesson. I have learned a dozen or so languages while living and working around the world and your teaching style and platform is amazing! It's making my lockdown bearable, can't wait for the next lesson, and now I want to learn Zulu too!"

Iona B, South Africa
Level 1 Student, May 2020

"It is fab. I am loving it. The pace is great, the materials are excellent and I really like the ethos of nation-building that runs through it. Ndiyabulela."

Gail K, South Africa
Level 1 Student, August 2020

***Last Semester Registration Closes 5th October 2020***

Ending late November 2020, in time for YhoXhosa!

Level 1

You are a total beginner in learning isiXhosa?

Then our worthwhile Xhosa conversational beginners course is for you. It covers all the most practical essentials of grammar and vocab, using and learning only what is immediately needed in conversations. We teach you how to say it and when to say it.

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Level 2

Keen to move from beginner to conversational speaker?

Join our course to dramatically improve your speaking confidence! Focussing purely on practical application of new content learnt. Practicing isiXhosa Qha! New conversationally useful content each week over 8 weeks.

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Membership Programme

Keen to boost your Xhosa skills to a whole new level?

Basically Level 3 and beyond, this is for anyone who has done the Level 1 & 2 course with us and wants to continue with their learning with a great community of learners and teachers, our monthly membership programme is in pre-launch phase. Come click with us!

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Choose the most suitable package for you: AmaBareBones (Self-Study), AmaZoomZoom (Supported) AmaCoach (Coached)



OPEN anytime

access to online course and all course materials

Downloadable eBook & audio mp3s

Fun edutaining Videos

email / whatsapp reminders 

final assessment session 

Facebook community support group access

Plus bonus weekly lecture / replays




OPEN only during semesters

Limited Numbers Available!

Everything from AmaBareBones package:

Great Content & Support

plus 8 x 
Weekly, flexible Zoom Focus sessions 

Choosing from flexible available slots, each week

Small groups, for focussed short sessions

Practicing live with our mother-tongue facilitators




OPEN only during semesters

Very limited spaces available!

Everything from AmaBareBones package

Everything from AmaZoomZoom package

Plus weekly additional Coaching

Individual Attention

Extra Support!

Limited number available



Craig Makhosi
Founder of UBuntu Bridge

Deon Xhamela Nebulane 
Mother tongue speaker and co-lead facilitator at UBuntu Bridge for 0ver 10 years

Downloadable Content

Included in the course packages are our
E-BOOK and AUDIO for download! Also learn quick and easy wherever you are on your smartphone with the Kajabi APP! 

Join our Community

Join our ONLINE LEARNING COMMUNITY and connect with fellow students. Get professional support through Whatsapp, Facebook and ZOOM.

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Our Yoga and Xhosa Retreats

A chance to immerse in culture, support rural communities and thetha, thetha, thetha!


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