Yoga & Xhosa Language Retreats 

on the Wild Coast of South Africa 

Eco- and people conscious retreats, creating commUNITY and harmony in diversity!

Pablo - June 2023 participant

"Learning Xhosa, practicing yoga and recharging in the beautiful Eastern Cape was one of the best experiences I've had in South Africa. It was an amazing gift. Super recommended!!"

Rise - June 2023 participant

"It is beyond language learning. Through interacting with villagers, staff from the lodge, animals and nature, I learned a lot and my mind and body got aligned."

Lilo - 2020/2021/2023 participant 

"Would highly recommend yhoxhosa for a holistic, fun and productive retreat where you learn new skills and meet a like minded community."


YhoXhosa @Bulungula
 NEW DATES:  7-15 December 2024!


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Join us for a MAGICAL week of Yoga and Xhosa on the Wild Coast, as a community.

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Noxolo - June 2023 participant

"It’s difficult to describe what a beautiful offering it is - you just have to commit and make it happen! It’s an experience that’s refreshing and opening in ways I continue to discover each day after the retreat."

Justin - June 2023 participant

"Attending this Retreat will enrich your life in South Africa. It really opens up your world in a meaningful way.
An incredibly beautiful experience in a breath taking part of Mzansi!"

Tanille - June 2023 participants

"A special, beautiful experience to reconnect with nature and life and improve your Xhosa. So glad I went, will go again!"

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