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Celebrating 30 years of the new South Africa and honoring Mandela’s request for us to learn each other’s languages as the best pathway to reconciliation, nation building and reconnection, UBuntu Bridge presents a Facilitated 8-week online courses that get you clicking!   

Join South Africa's leading Xhosa language learning community.  


Next semester dates are:

5 August - 26 September 2024


Evening Lectures 6pm -7.15pm SAST (GMT+2)

Levels, Days and Times TBC


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Course Features


Easy Materials

Based on Makhosi's adult learning journey, with practical structure, interactive Audio & Downloadable mp3s, Printable PDF Downloads & Worksheets

Cool Teachers

Friendly, experienced, mother-tongue teachers guide, encourage and motivate you.  Get to practice with mother tongue teachers who keep you on track and focussed!

Online Content

Kajabi based Online Course access, with videos, audio, recorded lectures, replays, preparation sheets, downloads and mobile apps for iOs and Android!

Live Sessions

Weekly LIVE practice sessions, one on one practice time from that week’s worksheet with the teacher + Q&A (Supported Semester Courses Only)

Community Support Groups

Community Circles, discussion spaces, study buddies, WhatsApp support groups, for content queries, motivating each other and quick translations.

Need a Coach?

Individual and small group coaching options with the teacher and time of your choice!

What previous students say:

"I have been to three Xhosa courses before, but for the first time did I learn how to construct sentences and hey, wena NDITHETHA NGOKU (I talk now!)"  - Philip J Oktober, a.k.a. Mzivukile - Chief Executive Officer, Machaira Group (PTY) LTD  

‚ÄúHighly recommended.¬†The lessons are straightforward, well spelled-out, paced correctly and broad enough to cover the basics.‚Ä̬†

- Linda Codron, Communications Manager at mothers2mothers

‚Äúhaving attempted Xhosa about six years ago, the then teacher being (a first language Xhosa speaker), I found your approach as different as chalk is from cheese -¬†simplified, clear and, above all, enjoyable.‚ÄĚ

- Alison Weston, Seardel Grp Trading

Supported Semesters - which level are you?

Each semester, we offer four levels of Xhosa, with weekly lessons (over 9 weeks).  It is best to start with Level 1 when joining UBuntu Bridge, and do one level at a time! Self study options also available in all levels.

Level 1

Are you a total newbie in learning Xhosa, or has it been ages since Miss Gwavu in high school?

Then our super popular Xhosa beginners course is for you.

It covers practical essentials of grammar and vocab, using and learning only what is immediately needed in conversations. 

We teach you how to say it and when to say it. 

If you think you know it already, then come and be the big fish in the pond, and boost your mojo.



Level 2

Who are you, really?  Where do you live?  What do you do? Facebook knows, but not in Xhosa. 

Join Level 2 to dramatically improve your speaking confidence!

Focussing purely on practical application of new content learnt. 

Practicing isiXhosa Qha!

New conversationally useful content each week over 8 weeks.

This level takes you from beginner towers intermediates

Let's get talking!


Level 3

Life too tense?  Well, in this course we keep the focus on the past, the PRESENT and the future!

Tenses, negatives, but we keep it on the relaxed and the positive.

This is for anyone who has done the Level 1 & 2 course with us and wants to continue with their learning.

Join a great community of learners and teachers. 

Improve your confidence in conversational flow!

Come click with us! 



Level 4

Still a classist?  Or are you ready to get Marxist with them noun classes?  Nouns demand equality! 

Phantsi MaVerbs phantsi!

This level takes your Xhosa to an impressive level where you can conjugate the nouns in many different ways.

We focus on practical learning and application that makes the most of your time and learning efforts!

Choose your package and come get stuck in! 

This is where the real fun begins! 



Level Content

LEVEL 1 Content:

Confident Xhosa Beginner Basics (8 weeks)

WEEK 1: Pronunciation, Reading, Greetings
WEEK 2: Introduction to Verbs and Prefixes
WEEK 3: CRUCIAL 1st Sentences (Escape)
WEEK 4: Greetings, Names and Appropriate Titles
WEEK 5: Polite Introductions
WEEK 6:¬†¬†‚ÄúWhere are you learning Xhosa?‚ÄĚ
WEEK 7: Clarification Phrases
WEEK 8: Assessment Week

LEVEL 2 Content:

Confident Xhosa Intermediate Basics (8 weeks)

WEEK 1:  Clarification Phrases
WEEK 2:  Where and the Locative
WEEK 3:  Work - Why and Because
WEEK 4:  Consolidation
WEEK 5:  Negatives and necessity
WEEK 6:  And / With / Have  (Who do you live with?)
WEEK 7:  It, the Recent Past tense and Weather
WEEK 8:  Assessment Week

LEVEL 3 Content:

Confident Xhosa Intermediate Basics (8 weeks)

WEEK 1:  Future Tense + when
WEEK 2:  Past Tense + when 
WEEK 3:  Telling the time + nga
WEEK 4:  Conversations:  When / Time 
WEEK 5:  Statives Verbs and Past tense
WEEK 6:  Statives Part 2: Negatives
WEEK 7:  Introduction to Locatives and Position Words 

WEEK 8:  Assessment Week

LEVEL 4 Content:

Noun Group Foundations (8 weeks)

WEEK 1: Noun Groups + Verb links 1-2a
WEEK 2: Noun Groups 3-8
WEEK 3: Noun Groups 9-15
WEEK 4: Groups Summary + Possessive concords + Where
WEEK 5: Locatives, Position Words (+ Possessives)
WEEK 6: Possessives of all groups
WEEK 7: Passive and Copulatives
WEEK 8: Pronouns / There is / isn’t

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What current students are saying:


Our UBuntu Bridge Guarantee

  • We are doing this to be in service in the world and support our community (team, family, students)
  • We trust that our offers¬†will give you HUGE VALUE, a rich learning experience and the results you want.
  • If you are not happy with our service, we will give your¬†money back less 20% for course content access and admin fee.

iFAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions:

What do our Students say?

M van Niekerk

Old Mutual

“I love the response I get from colleagues and customers.  UBuntu Bridge were wonderful and very professional. Strongly recommend their high value service. 

Annette McFarlare


I would highly recommend this course, I absolutely loved it!  Now I can understand what others are saying & I can read the language – its really awesome!

Minnie Bentley

Cape Town Tourism

One of the best trainings interventions this year, a fantastic training!  Excellent quality of the CD’s and the learning materials. I am glad we chose UBuntu Bridge!

Jo Ann

"The best platform to learn Xhosa that I have come across so far... I like the fact that it is broken down into manageable chunks."


"This course has been amazing. Ndiyabulela. You are all really opening up a bridge and helping so many."


"Your system of slow learning and the three sentences to prevent mutual embarrassment and disillusion is brilliant!"


5 August - 26 Sept 2024  

6pm -7.15pm SAST (GMT+2)

- Extra Practice / Catchup Session:

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