Yoga and Language Immersions on the Wild Coast of South Africa

UBuntu Bridge's quest to facilitate eco- and people conscious retreats, creating commUNITY, bridging gaps, and harmony in diversity!

17 - 25 JUNE 2023

Please note that this retreat is about learning Xhosa, and experiencing community in a different way. Any yoga, movement, or meditation classes are completely just an added option for participants, entirely optional and accessible for all levels! This is not a fancy yoga retreat! 😁 

Watch the Videos from 2019 & 2021 below:

“A totally unique experience! Yoga + isiXhosa + Great People + Beautiful Nature = YhoXhosa”

– Justin K, YhoXhosa participant 2019

Next YhoXhosa @Bulungula
 17 - 25th June 2023 

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Join us for a MAGICAL week of Yoga and Xhosa on the Wild Coast, as a community.

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What happens on a Yoga Xhosa retreat?

  • Morning and evening voluntary group yoga / mindful movement sessions a day for people of all levels - fun and relaxed.
  • Xhosa lessons each day, for beginners to intermediate, and beyond...
  • Experienced Xhosa teachers for grammatical insights and breakthroughs
  • Mother tongue tutors from the local communities, ensuring lots of spoken practice
  • Fun and respectful group activities, empowering the local community and economy.
  • Different accommodation options for varying budgets.
  • Standard lodge cuisine and Traditional Xhosa meals
  • Stunning Coastal Hikes!
  • Children welcome but with adult supervision.
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Will your Xhosa improve? 
Is it a valuable learning experience?

"Absolutely! The most valuable learning experience was that I just have to get over my anxieties and talk!  I felt my Xhosa improved and I found many gaps that I wasn’t aware of" - Finn L, University of Cape Town Xhosa graduate 2020

"Yes, a huge amount!  Since I have got back home I have had my usual interactions with security guards and shop assistants with a lot less effort and more content than before."  - Sandy Todd, 2019 and 2020 participant

"Definitely! The last few days I have been more confident and I feel that isiXhosa is more within my reach" - Nadia Kamies, Writer

"Definitely yes and it's with gratitude that I received much from the teachers, tutors and fellow students" - Woon Peng

"Yes and yes, beyond expectation" - Renee O, High School Xhosa Teacher, 2019 and 2020 participant

 “I learnt so much and had so much fun.” - Carla Mostert, YhoXhosa 2019 & 2020 participant

2020 Feedback Comments:


"A perfect combination of isiXhosa lessons, yoga, group community activities, and swimming and relaxation, along with a lovely group of people and in an idyllic setting." - Michael Evans

"I think that the approach of learning a little well is great - it feels within reach which is important when you are tackling a language like Xhosa. Also the content is relevant to every day so it is possible to go out and use it and thereby consolidate. And there is something special about the ethos that underlies the process - the sincerity to build bridges and move towards transformation." - Nadia Kamies, Writer

"It’s an unforgettable experience with amazing teachers, activities and opportunities to learn and speak isiXhosa. So grateful to have been a part of this trip!" - Finn L, university Xhosa graduate 2020

"I learnt the same amount of Xhosa in a week than I did in a year at University. I learnt so much from the like-minded people on the course." - Bielle Bellingham

2021 Feedback Comments:

 "It’s a relaxed and inspiring learning environment that will leave a lasting impression, based as it is in a beautiful and unspoiled remote village. Exposure to cultural practices is a powerful reminder of the value diversity and why we need to preserve our cultural heritage. The best way to learn isiXhosa on a safe and friendly space." - Galeo S.

"A mindful way of learning about our country while looking after your body is  recommended for anyone." - JD

"If you want to be inspired and revive your desire to learn, go on this retreat! I left with a refreshed sense of curiosity and excitement about the Xhosa heritage, culture and language. Absolutely loved working the tutors and all the teachers! The villagers were all welcoming and friendly!" - Robyn G

"I can’t recommend this highly enough!" - Dr Sam N.

"Really such a deep raw exploration into one's own country and people. Incredible to feel welcomed in a community which I want to know more about and being allowed to ask all the questions in a safe space, to learn more and connect with the our land and its people" - Mary M

"It is a fun, non-scary way of getting into the language regardless of what your level is. And it is one of the most beautiful study-spots, probably, in the world. Best teachers ever!  The tutors were also really helpful!" - Thandi S.


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