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  • The benefits of being part of an ongoing community of Xhosa learners
  • Weekly Topic Webinars and Community Lecture
  • Founding Member Discounts on all of our products and programs
  • Pay a reasonable monthly subscription rather than all course costs upfront 
  • Access to all online materials and courses, lecture replays, so you don't need to worry about missing a class or two because you can always catch up in your own time.

We want to build a long-term community, a movement of Xhosa learners and speakers, who are demonstrating their commitment to building a better South Africa through language learning.

But don't just take our word for it, these are three of the hundreds of people who have loved sharing in the journey with us...

Jo Ann

"The best platform to learn Xhosa that I have come across so far... I like the fact that it is broken into manageable chunks."


"Your system of slow learning and the three sentences to prevent mutual embarrassment and disillusion is brilliant."


"This course has been amazing. Ndiyabulela. Please express my thanks to all! You are all really opening up a bridge and helping so many."

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When you become a member you don't just receive all the above awesome benefits but you can choose the level of support you need to master your Xhosa learning Journey.

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(Main Benefit:  Daily Xhosa Lessons sent to you) 

The best option if are on a budget but still want to learn to speak isiXhosa like a Bozza...
*limited Bonuses Included in this offer (see checkout page for more)


(Main Benefit:  All access online course content, at your own pace) 

The best option if you want to study Xhosa in your own time and pace, with community support.



(Main Benefit: Tutored Group Classes) 

All access PLUS weekly fun online practice sessions with an awesome tutor, and other Xhosa learners via Zoom. 

This is for you if you like structure, accountability and re-assurance.



(Main Benefit: Private Classes) 

All the benefits of the other options PLUS private lessons once a week.

The best option if you prefer one on one time with a tutor, more time and pace flexibility and greater accountability to ensure success!




Usually R199/m

  • Daily 'Bite-Sized' Xhosa Lesson Videos
  • Webinars & Lectures (Live and Replays)
  • UB Support Groups
  • Members Discounts
  • UB Money Back Guarantee



Save R750/m

  • Online Course Access - ALL LEVELS
  • Webinars & Lectures (Live and Replays)
  • UB Support Groups
  • Members Discounts
  • UB Money Back Guarantee
  • AmaShapShap Member Bonuses*
  • Weekly Group Zoom Tutor Sessions (in semester)
  • Weekly Private Classes (in semester)



Save R750/m

  • Online Course Access - ALL LEVELS
  • PLUS: Weekly Group Zoom Tutor Sessions (in semester)
  • UB Support Groups
  • Webinars & Lectures (Live and Replays)
  • Members Discounts
  • UB Money Back Guarantee
  • AmaShapShap Member 
  • Weekly Private Classes (in semester)



Save R750/m

  • Online Course Access - ALL LEVELS
  • Weekly Group Zoom Tutor Sessions (in semester)
  • PLUS: Weekly Private Classes
  • UB Support Groups
  • Webinars & Lectures (Live and Replays)
  • Members Discounts
  • UB Money Back Guarantee
  • AmaShapShap Member Bonuses*
  • Pay for the year & get one month FREE

Our UBuntu Bridge 100% Guarantee

  • We are doing this to be in service in the world and support our community (team, family, students)
  • We trust that our offers will give you HUGE VALUE, a rich learning experience and the results you want.
  • So with any membership package, if after 7 days you are not completely happy with what you receive we will give your money back, no questions asked.
  • After that, you can cancel anytime, and your payments will stop that month!

iFAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions:

Still worried about imali?

(the moola / the money)

Our Membership Guarantees, Refunds and Cancellations

We put out HUGE amounts of FREE quality content and have done for 15 years and will continue to.  We charge for these services that cost us money to sustain, paying our growing team, and huge amounts of $$$ based tech subscriptions that continue whether we have signups or not.  People who pay also help us to give to people who can't afford to pay, so we are deeply grateful for each paying customer!

We ONLY want happy members and students who appreciate the value of the service and experience that they are getting from us.

In fact we only charge money for two reasons:

  1. to keep independent, and pay the costs of serving our community,
  2. and to ensure people who join are committed and invested.

We have purposely created something that has the perfect package for your needs because as a social enterprise, we believe that people and the planet come before profit, but consciously made and spent profit ensures sustainability and innovation.

We thought, how can we create a membership offer that is a highly affordable, INCREDIBLE VALUE 'no brainer' for anyone who wants to learn Xhosa. 

We have cut all of our package costs (substantially) so that it's now more than R1000 cheaper to complete each level of Xhosa lessons.

BUT, what if you can't afford, or you aren't getting value from it?  Well, here are our policies for your convenience:


  • You can Upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you want - just email us.

CHANGE (Upgrade/downgrade) PACKAGE:

  • We have designed our membership offerings to meet people wherever they are at in their Xhosa learning journey, and we know that can change with time, in terms of progress and intensity of learning.
  • Whether you want to go alone for a while, and study at your own pace, or join the facilitated semesters or get private coaching at the time and pace of your choice, then you can upgrade and downgrade as you need.


  • Try our membership levels (without any risk) for up to 7 day.
  • If you don't feel you received enough benefit you can inform us and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

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ShapShap Bonus 1:  Sponsor a Covid Health-Worker Gift

Starting from the moment you sign up, and for every 6 months of your membership we will gift a semester (three months) of AmaBareBones membership to a healthcare worker or community worker who wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise 

Worth: R2500+

You get it MAHALA (FREE)

ShapShap Bonus 2:  Downloadable MP3 Course Materials

We know that sometimes you are on the road and want to continue learning without having to sit down at a computer.

For this month only we are offering our Founding Members full downloadable access to one level of MP3 Course Content, worth R550.

What's more is that with each semester you complete, we will send you the next level for free as well (another R550 of value). You can now learn wherever you are, just make sure you sign up before deadline-day to receive this bonus.

Total Worth:  R1500+

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ShapShap Bonus 3:  Our best bonus yet...

Sign up this month and get our Xhosa Lite Series of Daily Videos.

1-2 minute videos every day that inspire, and edutain, acting as breadcrumbs for your Xhosa learning journey.  

You will receive for free if you sign up this Month!

Usually Worth: R1500

You get it MAHALA (FREE)

Meet your Teachers

Founder of UBuntu Bridge, Craig Makhosi, learnt Xhosa as an adult, and is still learning.  This is why he has such deep empathy for beginners to advanced learners and why he is able to teach at a level that people are able to understand and grasp quickly.  He will teach you practical strategies and lead you through all the essentials of basic Xhosa conversational skills, primarily using videos, sometimes with the help of Lazola and Zikhona), but also providing downloadable audio files and text lessons!

Deon Xhamela Nebulane:
Mother tongue speaker and co-lead facilitator at UBuntu Bridge for 0ver 10 years, Deon Nebulane, will provide live support on whatsapp, Zoom and the Facebook support group, as you progress through the course to ensure your engagement, enjoyment and completion.  Deon teaches regularly in large corporations, government department and NGOs all over Cape Town.

Karabo Nokwantu Rasalabe and Nandipha Totoba have also joined the Teacher Team, developing materials and coaching learners!

Course Content

A brief overview of the content in each level course!

Level 1: Absolute Beginners

Lesson 1: Pronunciation, reading the language and Greetings
Lesson 2: Introduction to Verbs and Prefixes
Lesson 3: Sentence Building Blocks and CRUCIAL 1st Sentences
Lesson 4: Greetings, Names and Appropriate Titles
Lesson 5: Introductions and Pleasantries
Lesson 6: Integration Orals and “Where are you learning Xhosa?”
Lesson 7: Clarification Phrases
Lesson 8: Assessments

Level 2:  Confident Beginners

Lesson 7:  Clarification Phrases cont..
Lesson 8:  Where
Lesson 9:  What
Consolidation Week
Lesson 10:  Negatives
Lesson 11:  Na as and / with / have
Lesson 12:  It and the weather
Conversation Oral Assessments

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