Founding Membership Offer

Do you want to learn Xhosa with a supportive community, great materials and real-life opportunities to be immersed in the language?

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  • Fresh content coming out at a regular but gentle pace 
  • Flexible support and practice hours
  • Be part of an ongoing community of Xhosa learners
  • Pay a monthly subscription

The more members we have the more sustainable we can make it, so please do help us and be one of the founders in launching this membership trial period for the next three months (Oct - Dec 2020).

We want to make it a long-term community learning experiment, building a movement of learners and speakers, who are demonstrating their commitment to building a better South Africa through language learning.

To break even at these prices, we need to reach a minimum viable number and we are about 20% of the way as of 1 October, so please do help us by joining for this 3 month pioneering window, and spreading the word.

Right now, we are just looking for people to show interest and fill in the short waitlist application.  Click below!



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Package Options:


Full access to our Online Courses (all levels), as well as any new content and learning resources created.


Everything in Ama-BareBones level Plus: Flexible weekly zoom session with small group.


Everything in Ama-ZoomZoom level Plus:  (2 private 30min coach calls a month)*

***(Early specials)***

  • New lecture every second week with Q&A --> 2 weeks to complete that content 
  • 1st WEEK: practicing the grammar applications & vocab
  • 2nd WEEK: working through sample conversations of that content
  • Both weeks tutoring sessions available as per package below

AMA-BAREBONES:  R650pm / ***R475pm***  

  • Full access to our Online Courses (Level 1 & Level 2) 
    as well as any new content and learning resources created

AMA-ZOOMZOOM:   R950pm / ***R750pm ***

  • Everything in Ama-BareBones level Plus:
    Flexible weekly zoom session with small group

AMA-COACH:    R1650pm / ***R1450pm***

  • Everything in Ama-ZoomZoom level Plus:
    (2 private 30min coach calls a month)*

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Sam B, Level 1 June 2020

"I have really been enjoying Level 1! This is the first online course I have signed up for and I think it is really excellent. The weekly Zoom conversations hold me accountable to make sure I have gone through all the material, and I really feel like I am making practical progress. Deon is a legend."

Current Student

"I’ve enjoyed the lectures as part of this level 2 course! The explanations and community feeling are helpful and it also makes me practice the material twice - first as an intro to the material through the lecture, then practicing on my own with the online course, and then in the Zoom session with the tutor."